Come On and Take a Free Ride

All over Switzerland, there are free bike rental posts set up.  Here in Zug there are three (Zug, Baar, and Cham)  From May to October you can go to one of these buses containing bikes. You can hire it all day from 9 am to 7 pm or til 9 pm in the Summer.

Riding along Lake Zug

I decided to test one out today.  I arrived at 10 am and there were plenty of bikes.  I imagine on a sunny weekend, they go quickly.  I just signed a form, left an ID, and off I went.

I haven’t ridden much since childhood and not much of a cycle enthusiast so I’m not picky when it comes to bikes.  I thought it was ok, especially for a free bike.

I decided to take a ride along lake Zug from Zug to Goldau.  The ride is 17 kilometers.  It did get scary when the bike path merged into the main highway lane going around curves while cars go past.  I am a bit wobbly since I haven’t ridden in years so that added to the stress.

I did really enjoy it.  The view was lovely around the lake and to the base of Mt. Rigi.  I would love to build up so that I can do all the way around the lake.  That last kilometer was uphill and I could feel it!  My legs feel ok now, but my rear is suffering.  I think I will be sore tomorrow.


“The mountain is high
The valley is low
And you’re confused on which way to go
So I’ve come here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land
Come on and take a free ride”

Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group

One Response to “Come On and Take a Free Ride”
  1. Oh, bike riding is fun on a lovely day. In London there are so many places to see and it’s even better when you find the bike routes which make it much more interesting. I know what you mean when you say that your legs suffer, but fortunately my bike folds up so I can get on the bus if I get too tired. Lovely post from you.

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