Zuger Seefest (Lake Zug Festival)

The biggest event in little Zug is the annual Zuger Seefest that boasts 20,000 guests.  It starts with a show from the PC7 team jets.  There are tons of booths with different traditional Swiss festival foods (pretzels, sausages, popcorn, raclette, chuecli, and more), crafts, and beer tents as far as the eye can see.  There is a  stage set up with live music, however, the act that I heard was so bad that I couldn’t stand there for long.

Cameron and I walked around for a bit, but there wasn’t a lot to see and do for kids.  It is mostly tons of tables full of people eating, drinking, and socializing waiting for the huge fireworks show later.  It was so hot that Cam and I hung out in Pickwick’s, the British pub.  Yes, my 5 year old and I hung out in the pub.  It was dead in there since everyone was at the festival and Pickwick’s is one of the few places with air conditioning.

The fireworks show was great.  Being an American abroad during July 4th is really weird.  It is such a huge event in the US, while here it is a normal day.  No American flag bunting, cook outs, or watching your friends act like idiots shooting bottle rockets at eachother and eventually nursing some nasty burns.  The fireworks last night gave me a bit of my 4th of July fix.

Here are photos and videos from the day.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I had my phone on low resolution for small files so the videos aren’t as great as they could have been.


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