About Me

My name is Brittany.  I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA in the U.S. I left behind the only place I have ever lived in December 2009.

I moved to Zug, Switzerland.  It is a small town and tax haven which brings in a huge international community.  Even though I live in a small Swiss town, I could very easily get to the “big” cities of Zurich and Luzern with a 25 minute train ride.

There were some ups and downs though.  Moving somewhere where you don’t speak the language causes some difficulties.  I can speak some German now, but when I first arrived I knew nothing more than Gesundheit and Guten Tag.  Luckily, Since Zug is so international, pretty much everyone speaks English.

I am a huge Sound of Music fan so I had to regularly suppress the urge to break out in to song whenever I saw the Alps.  The Switzerland logo is an edelweiss flower so move over Christopher Plummer, and everyone cover your ears, because I am going to belt out some “Edelweiss”!

The Swiss people are very different than what I was used to.  I am used to friendly loud Americans who like to hug and silly drunken Brits who like to tell dirty jokes.  The Swiss are quiet.  At first, they seem like weird, aloof people with no sense of humor, but then you grow to love them.  Even though some of that may be true 😉

In the Summer of 2013, I moved to a small market town in the Shropshire, UK.  I have been around British people for the past 10 years, but you never truly know them until you see them and live with them in their natural  habitat.

I thought that moving to the UK would mean that I would be able to speak the language and understand, but alas, there are some very strong regional accents.  I am better with the local accent, but I still have a hard time understanding people on the phone.  I know they are speaking English, but not sure what is going on!

Where I live is totally different than where I lived in Switzerland, which makes it all the more interesting.  Just like with the Swiss, I loved to people watch the Brits.  I didn’t realize (or realise as the brits write it) how many differences there are to Americans.

Being in an English speaking country has opened up many opportunities for me.  I have now started a craft business which I hope to build into a substantial business.  You can check it out at facebook.com/fabtastes.

This blog is about my life as an expat mum living abroad.  It is a bit ecclectic since it covers my interests and activities. Mostly, my blog is about my navigation of the life of being an expatriate.



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